Poland targets Indian MICE groups

Poland, which has gained ground as an affordable leisure destination for Indians travelling to Europe, has recently begun to showcase itself as a MICE destination.

In an effort to market itself as a viable MICE destination, the Polish Tourist Organisation (PTO), the national tourism agency of Poland, has been organising road shows in various countries, including India. Poland is positioning itself as both a business and leisure destination, and these road shows highlight those aspects. A Polish delegation recently visited Mumbai, Bengaluru and Delhi. “We are present in India since couple of years as a leisure destination and we have established a good image,” says Aneta Książek, Chief Conference Expert Poland Convention Bureau. “Now, we have just started venturing into the MICE industry, India is an upcoming market for us.”
According to the main statistical office of Poland, the number of Indians visiting Poland has risen significantly – from 11,356 in 2011 and 13,581 in 2012 to 14,238 in 2013.

Warsaw offers the most comprehensive conference facilities in Poland for any sort of event, she adds. “Its present potential together with technologically advanced telecommunication infrastructure and the most productive human resources in the country, create an unlimited scope for official events.”

Krakow is adding two multi-functional conference and exposition venues this year – ICE Krakow and Expo Krakow. “Poland’s cultural capital, Krakow, is an ideal place for your event,” says Książek. “With new infrastructure being constantly primed in Krakow, the new age cityscape intertwines with its World Heritage appeal to form an ideal venue.”

While there are no direct flights yet, flight connectivity between India and Poland is expected to improve with Qatar Airways and Emirates starting flights to Poland this year.

As part of improving the engagement with Indian travel trade, Poland Tourist Organisation prepared the Poland Specialist Programme. The programme will consist of five modules, each module being divided into different categories providing various information on the destination including – tourist attractions, cities, infrastructure, transportation, accommodation, convention centres, etc. Each module will be terminated with a certain number of questions.

Poland releases the annual Poland Meetings and Events Industry report, now its fifth year, an attempt to depict the meetings and events organised in Poland.