Lost in translation – language an inhibiting factor for Indian travellers

Results of a Booking.com research called ‘Limitless Traveller’ revealed that 21 per cent of Indian travellers face language barriers during their travels, exposing gaps between their travel ambitions and reality.

The research states that Indian travellers are keen to push their limits and seek out the new, but are held back by language barriers and niggling anxiety. They  researched more than 20,500 global travellers in 28 countries to uncover the barriers and anxieties which prevent people from making the most of every trip.

Overcoming trepidations and anxieties about travelling  would be easierif they were able to ask questions in the local language. Over 71 per cent also say technology frequently helps them find local insights when abroad.

Despite the fact that English is lingua franca in India, due to a diversity of regional languages enabling English to be the binding and common communication tool, language still proves to be a travel barrier in non-English speaking countries. The meetings industry of course provides sufficient tools for impromptu translation to facilitate comprehension among attendees.