Japan relaxes visa rules to attract larger numbers of Indian travellers

Japan has simplified its visa rules for Indians from this week for those applying for multiple-entry visa for short-term stays. This will facilitate visitors for repeat visits as well as open up multi-destination tourism, including Japan. The relaxed visa regime will not only simplify visa application documents but also expand the range of eligible applicants.

A Japanese foreign ministry release issued by the embassy in India stated: “In principle, applicants will be able to apply for multiple-entry visa with only three documents – passport visa application form and papers to prove the financial capability (for tourism purpose)/documents to prove the applicants affiliation to certain enterprises (for business purpose).”

Multiple-entry visas with a validity of five years maximum and stay of 90 days maximum will be issued to applicants who have travel records to Japan twice or more in the last one year and the eligible applicants may submit only their passports and visa application form.

“The relaxations are expected to help further development of people-to-people exchanges between Japan and India by enhancing convenience for Indian tourists and business persons as well as repeat visitors,” the release elaborated.