Israel relaxes visa fees for Indians as arrivals grow by 27 per cent

In an effort to encourage more Indian travellers to visit Israel, it has reduced its visa fee to INR 1,100 from the previous INR 1,700 charge for Indian citizens. The revised application fee is for the B2 visa category, meant for a visit to Israel for purpose of business, meeting, conference or tourism.

Commenting on the initiative, Hassan Madah, director of Israel Ministry of Tourism India & Philippines, said: “We are happy to announce the reduction in visa fees for Indian travellers with immediate effect. I am confident that this move will encourage more people to choose Israel as a holiday destination and boost inbound numbers from India. With the ease in visa norms and fast track visa processing incorporated earlier this year, we have seen an increase in numbers and I am confident that the revised visa fees will help grow these numbers. Besides this, we are working towards e-visa processing as well as easing the group visa process.

“We have seen tremendous growth in the number of visitors from India in the last three years and 2017 has been the best year so far with close to 60,000 visitors. Our inbound figures have already recorded an increase of 27 per cent in Indian tourist arrivals from January to April this year, helping us get a step closer to our target of 100,000 in 2018.”