European hotel rates up 4.2 per cent but UK rates fall

Hotels in Europe in September saw an average 4.2 per cent increase in average room rate to €185.43, according to the latest Hotstats report, with some countries reporting a 10 per cent hike. The increase came alongside a 0.7 per cent decline in room occupancy to 82.1 per cent.

“Profit performance at hotels in Europe typically peaks in the months of June and September, which is when there is an overlap in the major commercial and leisure demand segments, which supercharge performance for hotels across the region,” said Michael Grove, director of intelligence and customer solutions, EMEA, at HotStats.

One of the biggest increases in Europe this month came in Athens, which saw a 10.6 per cent increase in average rates to €229.33. Room occupancy declined 3.7 per cent year-on-year to 88.9 per cent, although this was a high for 2018. 
Properties in Berlin also saw prices soar in September, recording a 10.8 per cent increase in achieved average room rate to €195.37, as well as a 2.5 per cent increase in room occupancy to 87.5 per cent.

The soaring prices in Europe in September contrast with the UK, where average room rates fell 1.1 per cent to £124.44 during the month.