Eurail slashes prices by 37 per cent to celebrate 60th birthday

Eurail, the pan-European rail network, has announced a substantial 37 per cent permanent reduction in prices on all passes for outbound Indian travellers and global tourists to mark its 60th anniversary.

The summer season is popular for Indian incentive tours as well as leisure travel and the preferential pricing is likely to lead to a surge in multi-country rail itineraries.

India is Eurail’s third largest market in Asia and to cater to travellers, Eurail has designed some customised experiences including a simplified portfolio of passes to suit travellers depending upon their travel needs and budgets. With the Eurail Pass, travellers will have the freedom to plan their itinerary and explore Europe’s cities and attractions.

The Eurail Global Pass, for instance, allows travellers to choose from a list of 31 countries and numerous destinations, including Great Britain, FYR Macedonia and Lithuania, which have now been included. There’s also the Eurail One Country Pass, which is ideal for those who are looking to explore their favourite European country thoroughly. “We have seen tremendous growth from Indian travellers opting for rail travel in the past couple of years,” said Yi Ding, Eurail’s Asia market manager.

Indian corporate companies have been inclined to undertake five to seven day rail journeys by Eurail experiencing several countries and attractions in Europe. Often the itineraries have included manufacturing towns which have synergy with the Indian company’s line of business.

Eurail’s survey reveals that the Indian travellers’ most preferred destination is Switzerland, with 28 per cent, Germany is second in demand attracting 20 per cent and Italy and Austria follow, with 15 per cent and 9 per cent respectively.