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Conferences for right-brained people
Fri 4 Aug, 2017 at 12:00 am

What’s going to happen to human capital in the workforce? It’s a new world of skills, abstract values and knowledge. The link between artificial intelligence (AI) and human capital, and how you will combine both of them and how you will hire people for different skills, is a subject to be pondered. You need to retrain workers to be right-brain people and do tasks that the machines will be completely unable to do.

“Conferences are the business of humans and are very abstract things,” technology expert Inma Martinez said, “because one goes to a conference to acquire knowledge, but mostly to meet other people who can ignite ideas. It’s a terrific right-brain business. It’s a business for the future.”

For information, we look for sources on the internet, but for wisdom and knowledge one goes to a conference. Listening to people gives so much valuable feedback. You tap into thoughts you had in the past that again seem so important. These important revelations don’t happen at the office or at home when you’re sitting on a plane. It’s a combination of being with others, sharing and then listening to really smart people that you would usually not meet in your daily life. People need these episodes in their lives to evolve.

Conferences that have inspired me had nothing to do with technology or how AI or virtual reality was used. The path oft-trodden is a big amphitheatre so everybody looks in one direction and at someone delivering a keynote, then there’s a discussion panel and may be a few presentations and that’s it. The conferences where I really felt that this was a truly special experience were those where the actual space was redesigned in an unusual way. When you make changes to the space, it encourages innovation and creativity and evokes anticipation and excitement. My reaction to any change in the traditional format is an expectation that something extraordinary is about to happen. Not more of the same. So the heightened anticipation adds to the keenness of any education that is likely to be delivered as it has already captured my full attention. We react to changes in formats, in how the speaker may go around the audience, in how the audience is seated in relation to the speaker, of a screen that will show some audio-visual content.

“Visual content is super-inspiring. Also, you know that most people when they watch someone deliver a keynote may not remember every word. They remember the word that makes the connection in their hearts and minds. All the rest is about how entertaining it was. Something that is going to snap you out of the routine and make that brain of yours and those ears and those eyes see new things in a new way. It’s a performance. Something that can stimulate your right brain is what really helps you come back home refreshed with ideas, feeling like it was worth going,” elaborates Martinez.

Good conferences fulfil a growing need in society to educate, to connect individuals, to interface human beings from diverse backgrounds, to induce thoughts and ideas.  And finally they create environments to plan activities that will impact their immediate communities and society in general. No robots or technologically-backed automation can achieve that. Therefore human capital should be nurtured through consolidation of existing skills and empowerment with additional skills, in order to optimize your human resources. Reinventing human skills will create magic and surprise.

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