How technology made TATA Steel Conclave shine

India’s largest steelmaker Tata Steel hosted an international conference on construction that facilitated knowledge sharing among 240 key stakeholders at The Westin Dubai Mina Seyahi.

The venue offers 15,600 square feet of function space and an 8838 square feet ballroom. Dubai was chosen as the venue for the first edition of the conclave because of it’s iconic structures and the theme of the conclave was expected to capture the essence of Dubai. Hosted for the first time, the conclave emerged as a landmark annual event for the global construction industry as well as in India. The World Steel Association and NatSteel participated in the event, adding to its importance in the global steel market. Matrix Direct Communications, the event manager, ensured the event was designed to meet the highest benchmarks of excellence in international conferences, using the latest conferencing tools and technologies and creating innovative experiential touch points.

‘Imagine.Innovate.Build’ was the theme and all elements of the conclave were designed to reflect this. The conference was addressed by renowned thought leaders from the construction industry, internationally recognized for their role in contributing to the infrastructure and skylines. There was an exposition that showcased some of the new age products from Tata Steel and other organisations.

The delegates were also to be taken on a guided technical tour of some of the iconic structures in Dubai to understand the techniques and technology that have shaped them.  Given the structural essence of the conclave, 3D projection mapping was used as the appropriate projection technology for the conference. To launch a new product at the conference – ‘Sm@rtFab’ welded wire fabric – the use of wire-mesh based 3D holographic projection was used.

Innovation was the keyword in all the experiential touch points from large, multi-dimensional projection surfaces, the networking dinner that followed the mesmerising ‘La Perle’ show, to the eclectic gala dinner that had ‘Harmony of Structures. Symphony of Cultures’ as its theme.

A global feel was ensured with music and dance performances from around the world, interspersed with 3D mapped visuals of the countries of origin. While the pyramids and streets of Cairo provided the backdrop for a Tanoura performance, the skyscrapers of New York and the winding roads of San Fransisco provided the backdrop for the EvolveR band while they regaled the audience with renditions of rock, reggae, RnB, and jazz music. Mesmerising belly dancers invoked the ethnic spirit of the desert while a Chinese dance captured the changing spirit of China, set against the Shanghai skyline. Dubai, a melting pot of diverse influences, was the apt setting for a globally unifying event.

The industrial products, projects and exports team of Tata Steel helped the event managers with content and detail. The conclave assisted the 240 delegates to obtain greater knowledge and insights about construction methodologies, usage of new materials, adoption of sustainable processes and understanding of digital technology. The delegates benefited with a greater spirit of innovation and understanding of their role in a community of thought leaders who are defining the shape of things to come in building better, faster, stronger and more sustainable structures.

Commenting on the event, Ramjit Ray, director of Matrix Direct Communications, said: “While we claim to be experts in conferencing tools and technologies, we understand that other technology can only be an outstanding enabler. Content will continue to be the king. Our true strength comes from great ideas and innovative content. And the Construction Conclave at Dubai is testimony to this belief.”